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About Myself


My name is Luke Wadeson(the dog man) I am 26 years old and have been working with dogs, training and fixing behaviours for nearly 10 years.

I built 4paws when I was 17 with only one direction in mind, to help dogs and their owners and after 6 successful years I also went on to become the founder of a dog charity, Dog SoS.

This was a charity to help the dogs being rehomed due to bad behaviour or due to the recession and we were very successful I built a small team, trained them and together we've helped keep dogs in the family home.

I became a behaviourist simply because growing up I had an aggressive family dog and after speaking with a professional trainer and being told our dog could NOT be fixed I wanted to know why, and after a lot of research with no answers I realised the only way to get an actual answer was to take a course.

2 weeks into my course my dog was FIXED I worked with him everyday learning new methods reading his reactions.

Now 8 years later im one of the most popular dog training names in the whole of Oxfordshire. I've helped over 2000 dogs, I have photos of me working, videos made of the methods I use and I am now starting up my very own classes.        





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