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Clip and Walk-Bicester Only

The clip and walk is a new service for 2019 and to my knowledge I am the only one offering this in the area.

So if your pup gets a little scared going to a groomers or a vet, or just doesn't like being on the table or might just not be a fan of having a nail trim, then this may be the way forward for you. 

Why not mix something they don't like to do with something that they love to do.

In my tests with this service, to make the experience much more enjoyable for your pup, we simply walk for 10 minutes or play then clip, then more play and clip and so on. I have tested this on 10+ dogs so far and all became very happy to get their nails done after 1-3 walks.

Please Note if your dog has often shown aggression towards nail clipping in the past, then he/she will actually need desensitising, which you can do from home. So please get in touch for some tips on how to get started

The price for the clip and walk is £20