Dog Behaviourist, Dog Trainer and Dog Walking in Bicester.

Dog Walking...

4paws is one of the cheapest but most beneficial Dog walking services available in the Bicester area.

With this service I'm able to use my behaviour and training skills to fix common walking problems and I work closely with my clients to help them learn exactly what I'm doing to fix any problems the dog may have.

Prices start from as little as
                              £10 per 30 minute walk 1 Dog,
                              £13 per 45 minute walk 1 Dog,
                              £5 per additional Dog/s from same household.
                               after all why pay more for less?

Please get in contact now to set up a free meet and greet to discuss our service in more detail.

 dog walking terms and conditions 

4paws only accepts clients of a minimum of 2 walks per week and only book in set days and times.

all walks provided by 4paws are for a 30 to 45 minute time slot depending on time of day for example lunch time is a walkers busiest time in the day so all slots around this time frame will be for 30 minutes of walking and this slot starts as soon as I enter your premises and if any training is required this will be included into the 30/45 minute slot. If on days of rain your dog needs drying off this will be included into the 30/45 minute time slot.

If I arrive at your premises on a set/arranged day but am then unable to walk due to no key provided or a key is provided but then no lead provided then 4paws holds the right to charge in full for the 45 minute slot due to being forced to miss the walk but at no fault of my own.

If I/4paws need to cancel a scheduled/set walking slot then of course there will be no fee for you to pay on that day.

2 weeks notice must be given for any temporary cancellation/Holidays of a booked walking slot of more then 1 day or 4paws have the right to charge in full for the days being missed and only a minimum of 2 hours notice for missing the walk on the day and i/4paws must give you the owner 4 weeks notice to any holiday or time slots unable to be walked, in which case you the owner would need to find some temporary cover for the dates discussed.   

Extreme weather: if I/4paws feel it is not safe to walk your dog or dogs due to extreme heat or extreme ice and/or snow then I have the right to cancel our scheduled walk but of course at no charge to you, the owner.

payment is discussed at the meet and greet and set up for whichever method and time frame easiest for you but if a payment is not received on a set day a message/reminder will be sent 1 or 2 days after our arranged day of payment.

After the meet and greet a 2 week trial will begin of which the payment for the 2 weeks will need to be paid in full before a trial can start, and in the trial you the owner reserve the right to cancel the server from 4paws at any time.

 whilst under a 4paws service, clients are free and able to ask about any methods being used, or any methods that can be used to fix any other issues in or out of the home. These issues do not need to be walking related. we offer this to you the client, to show the benefits of having a behaviorist as a walker.

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