Dog Behaviourist, Dog Trainer and Dog Walking in Bicester.

for reactive dogs.

Every week we meet up and run group walks with reactive dogs, something no other in this line of work is doing.
We meet up and start off with the training on a small field and once the dogs realise other dogs are around and nothing bad is happening they all soon calm down giving the owners time to give some guidance and retrain what the dogs should do in this situation,

Then we work on greeting and teaching the dogs to show each other manners helping them build trust, one with you the owner and two the current dog he or she is interacting with.

And then we have a good 20 to 30 minute group walk owners and all,
we pair up in twos  and walk a set route between bure park and southwold Bicester.

Now if you have a reactive dog I know this can sound scary and embarrassing but trust me when I say its not, everyone that joins us felt the same to start with but now love the group and some positive points I can also make are,

Because everyone has the same or similar problems everyone understands 

no one gets upset or offended by your dogs actions as they are there for the same reasons

Your dog is put into a situation where he/she has to learn as once hes/shes done all the barking and the lunging he/she realises it no longer works as none of the dogs are leaving so they have to adapt and that's where you come in.

Tust me its worth a try and you wont be disappointed and on top of everything this service is only £8 per dog to join.

recommended only 1 dog per person.

Also available for private group walks for just £30 per hour.    

to join our group walks you'll need to join the 4paws Facebook group as I post weekly about times and location thank you