Dog Behaviourist, Dog Trainer and Dog Walking in Bicester.

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One of the cheapest, yet one of the Best!

Standard Consultation - This is a two hour home visited session. I will come to your home and work with you, your family and your dog.
I'm a hands on behaviourist so I'll do 90% of the training/behaviour modification, while teaching you exactly what I'm doing and why it works. Then you will complete the remaining 10% during the session, so you receive a full understanding of what your dog needs and can continue my results from then on. 

If further training is required or requested, once the behaviours are fixed you may then want to build the bond with your dog and improve the training between your dog and yourself, this will then be done with 1 hour sessions at a much cheaper hourly rate.

Group training walks for reactive dogs - if your dog is a
barker or lunges with strange/new dogs or at people walking past then this is a weekly group for you.
In the group we offer training, practised greeting, plus a walk with other dogs and owners.
Or if you have your own group of friends and just want some company from myself to advise or help befriend the dogs you walk I'm available for private group walks. 

4paws training classes - with our classes we offer a 6 class course. You and your dog will learn and practise, walking to heal, obedience, greeting other dogs, recall on and off lead and healthy socialising.
 We've often been told our class is the best around as I don't just stand in the middle show you something once then leave you to it. I show the group then walk around the group so every member also receives at least 5 minutes one to one time during the class making sure you are fully confident by the end to practise at home.
Please note if your dog misbehaves around dogs or appears aggressive but has never actually bitten another dog then please don't be turned away, we call this a maybe dog meaning each class has a maximum of two maybe dogs extra precautions are put in place for you while you train.

Dog walking - our walking service is more than just a walk, we give your dog the physical and mental stimulation it needs, with training and finding his or her weaknesses and improving or fixing them so your dog will be fully satisfied by the end of our walk and all this in 30/45 minutes for less then most of our competitors charge for just a simple 30 minute walk.
walking starts from just £10 per walk.

Travel - for bookings out of Bicester we also charge an extra £1 per mile travel, according to google maps and a team member will join me incase assistance is required in the training.     

Training and Behaviour consultation - £50 or £80 for aggressive issues.

continues session after a consultation - £20 per hour Bicester only

Group training walk for reactive dogs - £8 per dog or £30 private booking.

6 class training course - £7 per class per dog.(temporarily unavailable) 

Dog walking - 1 dog just £10 per 30 minute walk

                       1 dog just £13 per 45 minute walk

                       £5 per additional dog from same household.

Clip and Walk  - £20

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